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James Baldwin – Ted Ed

James Baldwin was an American novelist and social critic whose essays in “Notes of a Native Son” explored race, sex and class distinctions. -- In the 1960s, the FBI amassed almost 2,000 documents in...
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Safia Elhillo – Ted Ed

To Make Use Of Water by Safia Elhillo Direction : Jérémie Balais et Jeff Le Bars Animation et Design : Jérémie Balais et Jeff Le Bars Narration : Safia Elhillo Sound Design : Jeff Le Bars Executive Creative Director : Logan Smalley Executive Producer : Stephanie Lo Content Producer...
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Hercules – Ted Ed

Educator Alex Gendler Director Jeff Le Bars, Jérémie Balais Narrator Adrian Dannatt Content Producer Gerta Xhelo Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal Associate Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott, Elizabeth Cox, Jessica Ruby Writer Alex Gendler Animator Jeff Le Bars, Jérémie Balais Composer Raphaël...
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Where do superstitions come from ? – Ted Ed

Educateur : Stuart Vyse Direction : Biljana Labovic Production : TED-ed Script voix off : Alex Gendler Mise en scène : Jérémie Balais et Jeff le Bars Animation:  Jeff le Bars et Jérémie Balais Illustration : Jérémie Balais et Jeff le Bars Compositing : Jeff le Bars et Jérémie...